June 2024

does a hot tub require plumbing

Does a Hot Tub Require Plumbing?

Hot tubs are a luxurious addition to any home, offering a relaxing and therapeutic experience. However, before installing a hot tub, many homeowners wonder whether it requires plumbing. This blog will explore the different types of hot tubs, their plumbing needs, and considerations for installation to help you understand the requirements and plan accordingly. Types …

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Should You Tip a Plumber

Should You Tip a Plumber?

When you receive exceptional service, whether at a restaurant, during a haircut, or even when having your home cleaned, it’s customary to tip as a token of appreciation. But when it comes to tradespeople like plumbers, the question often arises: should you tip a plumber? This blog will explore the nuances of tipping in the …

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will pex plumbing freeze

Will PEX Plumbing Freeze?

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) plumbing has become a popular choice for residential and commercial plumbing due to its flexibility, ease of installation, and resistance to corrosion and scaling. However, one common question arises: Will PEX plumbing freeze? This blog will explore the factors affecting the likelihood of PEX plumbing freezing, how it compares to other types …

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